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Understanding Birth Certificate Check Online BD

Check your birth registration with your date of birth. This helps you confirm if it’s online and spot any errors in your birth certificate. Then, download the birth certificate check in PDF. This is necessary to access the online registration, especially for immediate needs.

If you’re under 18, take advantage of registering your birth! It’s crucial for school admissions and other essential places. In the future, having a birth registration will help you get a voter ID and prove your citizenship in Bangladesh. Registering your birth is simple, and all citizens in Bangladesh can do it effortlessly.

How to Check Birth Certificate Online in Bangladesh

To verify the birth certificate, you need the 17-digit birth registration number. Remember, online birth registration can’t be confirmed using a 17-digit or handwritten birth certificate number. However, no such requirement exists for verifying the national identity card.

To verify your birth registration, please visit the birth and death registration website at Enter your 17-digit birth registration number along with your date of birth. This step will confirm your registration. Lastly, finish the process by responding to the security captcha.

It’s important to register every child’s birth, from when they are babies to when they grow up. This helps with things like getting a passport or ID, going to school, and dealing with legal issues. Also, all Bangladeshi citizens need to register their births.

To confirm a birth registration, you must follow these steps. First, provide the birth date. Then, officials check government records. They ensure certificate details including name, birth date, place of birth, and parent’s name are right.

To register a birth online, please complete the form and attach a scanned copy of the birth certificate. You can also bring the certificate when you come to collect the registration.

Importance of Birth Certificate Check Online

To find out why, check your birth certificate online. Consider these key reasons.

Verification and Authenticity

Counterfeit documents are shared. The online birth certificate check ensures that government-issued birth certificates are genuine. This help prevent fraud, such as identity theft and document forgery.

Saves Time and Cost

The online system lets people and groups check birth certificates. They can do this without going to government offices. This saves time and effort for both government and citizen.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Digitizing the process significantly cuts manual record-keeping errors. The online system quickly and accurately verifies birth certificates. This boosts administrative efficiency.


The online birth certificate check system improves access. It’s beneficial for those in remote areas or with mobility issues. Now, anyone with the internet can verify birth certificates anytime, from anywhere.

Legal Compliance

Some legal processes and transactions need birth certificates. An online verification system checks if submitted documents meet legal standards. This ensures compliance with regulations.

Public Trust

The online system boosts trust in government services by verifying birth certificates. Now, citizens are confident their documents are safe and can be easily checked.

Prevention of Identity Fraud

Identity theft and fraud are rising. The online birth certificate check system blocks these crimes. It does so by providing a reliable way to verify people’s identities.

Easy and Convenience

The online system makes it fast and easy to verify birth certificates. This speeds up public service delivery. It also reduces delays from bureaucracy.

Educational and Employment Opportunity

Many schools and employers need birth certificates for applications. An online verification system checks documents, ensuring they are real. This builds trust in academic and professional areas.

Supporting Social Welfare Programs

Social welfare programs need proof of identity and age. The online birth certificate check system ensures beneficiaries meet these requirements. This step cuts fraud and misuse of government funds.

Enhancing Data Security and Privacy

The system puts birth certificate records in a secure online database. This protects data and privacy. It also lowers the chances of unauthorized access or tampering with personal information.

Promoting Digital Governance Initiatives

Governments are adopting online verification systems. This aligns with digital governance. The goal is to modernize services and enhance transparency, accountability, and citizen focus.

Step By Step Process for Birth Certificate Check Online

To check your birth registration, first visit Next, enter your 17-digit registration number and date of birth. Then, complete the captcha and search. You will then see your registration information.

You need the digitized 17-visit birth registration number for online verification or PDF download. That’s why the birth registration number is a must. Also, check online to confirm your birth registration.

The process is explained in a few steps. If you follow each step, you’re on the right track.

Step 1 – Visit Website

First, visit this link: There, you can check birth registration with the date of birth. Next, you’ll see a form for verification.

visit website for birth certificate

Step 2 – Provide Birth Registration Number

Please provide your Online Birth Registration Number, which is available online. The Online Birth Registration Verification Number should consist of 17 digits.

provide the birth reg number for birth certificate check

Step 3 – Enter Date of Birth

Please enter your date of birth precisely as shown on your birth certificate. Use the format YYYY-MM-DD with English numbers. For more details, check the instructions in the image below.

birth registration certificate check online

Step 4 – Fill Captcha and Submit

You will see a friendly math question called a captcha for human verification. For example, it might ask, “What is 60 minus 31?” Please type the correct answer, which is 29, into the box. After that, click the search button.

fill up the captcha

Step 5 – Check Birth Registration

If your info is correct and your birth registration number has been saved online. After you click “search,” all the birth registration info will appear, as shown in the image below.

check birth certificate

For birth registration verification by date of birth, if the birth registration number isn’t online and the date of birth is wrong, you will see “No Result Found” on the next page.

Requirements to Birth Registration Certificate Check Online

A birth certificate needs verification for various reasons. It’s free to verify. Just know the birth registration number and date of birth. It might be necessary.

In Bangladesh, all individuals under 18 need to have a birth registration. This helps them get a birth certificate to attend school and access different services.

You need a birth registration certificate to get a National Identity Card (NID Card) at 18. Also, this document is essential for significant tasks. However, handwritten certificates are only accepted in some places.

Having a digital birth registration certificate is crucial for you or your child. First, confirm the birth registration to check if it’s online. Then, verify the birth registration to see if it’s an online birth certificate. To check online, you need the birth registration number and date of birth.

How to Download Birth Registration Verification Copy

You need help to download a verified birth certificate from the official website. However, you can get a copy of your birth registration verification through another method. If you’ve already verified the birth online, follow a few more steps.

how to birth certificate download

Now press CTRL+P to open the print menu on your computer screen. Then, choose “Save as PDF.” This action converts the page to a PDF. Finally, click “Save” to download it. Also, if you have a printer, you can print the birth information easily. Just click birth certificate download bd

More Information That Expands Your Awareness: Bangladesh Birth Certificate Online Check

The verification process varies by district. Often, you can confirm a birth online. Use a government portal or a vital records website. Enter the birth registration number and date. Then, the system will show the registration’s validity.

To check a birth registration, visit your area’s official government website. The birth records authority manages it. Make sure it’s secure and authorized to protect your personal information.

Tips for Successful Verification: Online Birth Certificate Check Bangladesh

Ensuring the accuracy of inputted information

First, double-check all details before submission. This includes names, dates, and a registration number if listed. Even a tiny mistake can cause verification issues. So, review and validate your information for a smooth process.

Following up on verification requests

After you submit your details, check for a response often. Online systems can have delays or issues. If you are still waiting to hear back, contact us. Following up is critical. It ensures quick handling and speeds up verification.

Seeking assistance when needed

During verification, ask for help if you face issues or doubts. Most systems offer support for technical problems and questions. Contact support if you need help to use the online platform or have verification questions.

Follow these tips for successful birth certificate verification. First, ensure all information is accurate. Then, promptly respond to verification requests. If needed, ask for help.

Can I verify birth registration using a person’s name?

The Department of Birth Registration’s website needs a search feature by name. Instead, you need the registration number and date of birth certificate check.

You can check if you’ve applied for birth registration and have the ID. Yet, you can’t verify a birth date by name. The birth registration website doesn’t provide such details. This is because many people share the same name.

You need the 17-digit birth number and birth date to check a birth registration. First, enter these details. Then, verify the registration online. After that, you can finish your process.

Still, if you’ve lost your birth registration and it’s causing you pain, you can learn what to do from here.

Have problems Checking Birth Registration? What to Do Then?

Problems frequently happen on the birth registration verification website. These issues delay birth registration confirmation. Various factors contribute to these problems. Here are some common reasons:

Check Documentation

First, ensure the birth registration number and birthdate are accurate. This step is crucial if you need help to confirm the birth registration online. Incorrect information makes online verification impossible. So, please double-check by entering the information correctly.

High Traffic Issues

Downloading a digital birth registration might lead to server issues. This can happen due to high website traffic, causing the server to crash. In such cases, it’s best to wait before trying again.

FAQs for Birth Certificate Check Online

Can I Check my Birth Certificate Immediately?

Yes. You can check your birth certificate quickly on the official website. This process is more straightforward if your certificate is digital.

Does it Cost to Check Online Birth Registration?

Checking birth registration online is free. You only need an internet connection and a computer or smartphone. Just follow the proper steps.

What is the Reason for Showing No Record Found?

After registering a birth and entering the correct date, you might see “No Record Found.” This occurs when you search with an old or handwritten number, input the wrong number, or use a 16-digit one. Always use a 17-digit number for accurate results.

Are There Any Apps to Check Birth Registration?

No official app is available for birth registration verification. Users must visit the website to access these services.

How to Check Birth Registration by Name?

Visit the Union Parishad, Municipal, or City Corporation Councillor’s office to check birth registration. You can see the details by searching for a person’s name in the birth registration server. Yet, ordinary citizens can’t do this online.

Is There Any Way to Check Birth Registration with 16 Digit Number?

A 17-digit digital ‘JonmoNibondhon’ number now helps servers. If you have a 16-digit one, you can quickly turn it into 17 digits. Just add a zero in the fifth-to-last spot. Then, your 16-digit number becomes 17 digits. Now, you can quickly check your birth registration online.

If you have any issues of your birth registration certificates, You can visit our other post:

In Consolation

Verifying birth registration is crucial to ensuring its authenticity. We can prevent fraudulent activities by confirming if the birth certificate is accurate. Various online tools are accessible. Producing actual documents, like birth certificates and ID cards, is easier than ever.

If someone hands you a birth certificate, you can check if it’s real. This especially applies to public and private sector workers. They often have their team’s birth certificates. So, by confirming the certificate, you ensure its authenticity.

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